NASSAU, Bahamas ­– Tuesday at the Hero World Challenge marked the first time Tiger Woods has sat down with the assembled media since his DUI arrest in South Florida back on Memorial Day.

He was visible at the Presidents Cup but his media session there was mingled among all the other assistant captains and there wasn’t time for many questions.

This time at Albany, it was just Woods, left to face questions about that fateful night back in May.

For starters, Woods gave an emphatic “NO” when asked if he’s ever watched the DUI video that was plastered all over the world.

Woods was also asked about the difficulty of going through a program to help manage the various medications that he’s used to mask pain and help him sleep.

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“I’ve come out on the other side and I feel fantastic,” Woods said. “A lot of my friends have helped me. Now that I’m feeling the way I’m feeling, it’s just hard to imagine that I was living the way I was living with my foot not working, my leg not working, and then the hours of not being able to sleep at all because of the pain.

“So as my back improved, I’ve been able to start sleeping again because I don’t have the nerve pain going down my leg, I don’t have my leg twitching all over the place, I don’t have these issues anymore. I’m loving life now.”

Finally, Woods was then asked what he learned about himself after going through all he’s gone through this year.

“I always thought that I was tough mentally,” he said. “My dad always thought so as well. Going through all this just reaffirmed that.”

Woods responds to May's DUI for first time

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