Top 10 Best Golf Gloves in 2019 – Golfing is now more accessible than ever. More and more people are now enjoying this sport as a hobby or as a means to get away from the noise and rush of the city and enjoy a few hours of peacefulness while playing golf. There are more golf clubs now than ever before and membership fees have gotten down significantly.

Just having a golf club membership is not enough to start enjoying this noble sport. Investing in some basic gear is mandatory and some people tend to overlook certain items. One of those things that many people do not think about are golfing gloves. Their importance cannot be contested. Some might be tempted to say that you do not need to wear golfing gloves but there are several good reasons to actually use them when playing. Golfing gloves can help prevent the formation of calluses on the hands. Also they help maintain a good grip even when the hands are sweaty.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves in 2019

10. TaylorMade Women’s Ribbon Golf Glove

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

TaylorMade Women’s Ribbon golf glove is a decent pick for the ones that are looking for something affordable. They are quite stylish and very well made despite their low price tag.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

9. Callaway Men’s Fusion Pro Golf Glove

Callaway Men’s Fusion Pro is a perfect choice for the ones that are just starting with the game and need some basic gear. It is a made out of high quality materials and it can improve performance while still protecting the hands.

Similar to other models the glove is made out of synthetic leather and comes with perforations that prevents sweating. The model comes as a single and it is available for both right and left hand players. To ensure that it provides a good grip the manufacturers fitted the glove with an adjustable closure.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

8. Wilson Staff Mens Grip Soft Golf Gloves Regular

Wilson Staff is a smaller brand that offers a great glove for both beginner and advanced players. It has a simple design which is why it works so great for both right hand and left hand players.

The glove is made out of multiple types of material including synthetic leather and some mesh that allows air to ventilate the interior. It can prevent sweating and it improves grip. The adjustable closure ensures it will stay on and it will not slip.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

7. TaylorMade Mens Stratus Sport Golf Glove Regular

TaylorMade Mens Stratus Sport golf glove is surprisingly affordable when compared with other models of similar quality. They are quite stylish and have a very good construction using high quality materials.

The glove is mainly made out of a white synthetic leather with black accents and perforations. Its panels are made out of a stretching lycra material that allows them to fit tightly while the adjustable closure ensures they will not slip.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

6. Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII All Weather Mens Golf Gloves

Nike is one of the biggest brands in the sports industry. Their 2015 Dura Feel VIII is a great glove that is being used by both beginners and advanced players. It is stylish and very comfortable due to the materials used.

The model comes as a pair that includes the left and right glove. It is made out of a combination of fabric and leather with perforations. Their angled tab closure ensures that it will not slip and it can properly protect the hands.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

5. Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Golf Glove

The Bionic Performance Grip golf glove is the perfect pick for a beginner. It is a bit more expensive than other similar gloves but it offers an excellent build quality.

The model is made out of premium synthetic leather with a black mesh on the fingers and knuckles. It allows air to ventilate the interior and it can prevent hands from sweating. The gloves also come with a Velcro closure that makes it easy to get a tight fit.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

4. Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

Callaway is one of the bigger brands in the industry offering a lot of products that are designed for golfers. Their Down Patrol is a perfect glove for beginners that comes with a rather low price tag.

What makes this such a great glove is the fit their offer and how stylish they are. This means that they can protect the hands while still offering a good grip. The leather on the fingers of the glove are perforated while the closure is adjustable.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

3. HJ Glove Weather Ready Rain Golf Glove

HJ Glove is a rather small brand that actually specializes in making gloves. They have several different types of gloves including for golfers. The weather ready rain golf gloves are excellent for the ones that are serious about the game and do not mind playing in bad weather conditions.

The model is made out of a nylon mesh material that makes the dry quickly. At the same time the allow for proper ventilation and they help keep the hands dry. The model comes with elastic wrist wraps and an adjustable Velcro closure.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

2. Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

The Bionic StableGrip Glove has been a popular pick for both beginner and more experienced players. It is a simple glove with an excellent build quality made using high quality leather

As expected the glove Is made out of synthetic leather with mesh on the fingers and knuckles. This allows air to ventilate the interior and reduce hand sweat. The wrist wraps are elastic while the closure comes with a Velcro strap to ensure a firm fit.

Top 10 Best Golf Gloves In 2019

1. MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

MG Golf is a great brand that offers excellent premium products. Their DynaGrip All-Cabretta leather golf gloves are excellent for any golfer regardless of their experience or master of the game.

The gloves have a simple construction using only synthetic leather. To ensure that they do not slip the manufacturers used a Velcro strap closure. The gloves come as a single and can be found for both left hand and right hand players.

Most golf glove manufacturers offer them as singles for either left hand or right hand players. Some brands offer them as kits that include both gloves. These kits are usually more expensive but a regular golfer should be fine by getting just the one they need.

For our list we included both single gloves and pairs for the sake of diversity. Their pricing is quite decent and most of them are made out of synthetic leather. In the end it all resumes to personal preference and most golfers chose their gloves based on their design and build quality.



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