Find The best golf drivers of 2020: If you’re a beginner, mid handicapper, senior or simply want more distance, we’ll help you figure out how much to spend and what factors to consider.

Here are “The best golf drivers of 2020” you can buy:

  1. Callaway Epic Flash – Best golf drivers
  2. PXG 0811x Gen 2 – Best golf drivers
  3. The best driver overall
  4. The best driver for fixing a slice
  5. TaylorMade SIM Driver 2020 – Best golf drivers

The best golf drivers of 2020

The best golf drivers of 2020

TaylorMade SIM Driver 2020

TaylorMade SIM Driver 2020

Price: 549.99$ | From: Amazon

Drivers in the SIM family have progressively larger face sizes. This allows golfers of all abilities to maximize playability and forgiveness.
  • Speed Injected Twist Face
  • Dial In Trajectory with Loft Sleeve Technology
  • Drivers in the SIM family have progressively larger face sizes. This allows golfers of all
  • abilities to maximize playability and forgiveness.
  • Headcover and wrench are included.

The best golf drivers of 2020 The best golf drivers of 2020

In our limitless pursuit to help golfers improve, we’ve discovered the new shape of driver performance. An asymmetric sole design and powerful new Inertia Generator combine to increase aerodynamics and speed at the most critical stage of the swing.

Callaway Epic Flash

Callaway Golf - Epic Flash Driver

Price: 539.99$ | From: Amazon

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver employs a new technology called Flash Face to help golfers get more ball speed for more distance.
  • The Callaway Epic Flash Driver employs a new technology called Flash Face to help golfers get more ball speed for more distance.
  • Flash Face’s sophisticated architecture was created by Artificial Intelligence – the first known instance of using the golf industry – to create a radically different face.
  • Jailbreak Technology features two internal bars that stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole, placing more impact load on the face to promote faster ball speed.
  • A new lighter Triaxial Carbon Crown saves weight that’s redistributed within the head to raise MOI for exceptional forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Adjustable Perimeter Weighting gives golfers the power to easily promote draws, fades or a straighter flight.

The main technology to talk about here is the Flash Face. The product of an $8m super computer, which used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn” with data without being explicitly programmed, to cycle through 15,000 face design iterations and over 100 impact simulations. Learning from each one, the computer then arrived at the final design when it could no longer be improved.

The resulting clubface is not like anything made before by Callaway. What appears to be a mass of subtle ripples and lines actually works together to increase COR. Combine this with the latest iteration of Jailbreak technology, and a new tighter weaved carbon fabric, and faster ball speeds are the result.

The best golf drivers

PXG 0811x Gen 2

Featuring a multi-level, variable thickness carbon crown, the new PXG 0811x Gen 2 driver has an array of new technology built into the head. Chief among which is the Precision Weighting Technology in the form of differently weighted screws in the sole of the head which are designed to increase MOI and manage launch and shot shape incrementally. Additionally, the Honeycomb TPE Insert helps reposition weight around the head so that launch conditions are optimised while improving sound and feel.

The best golf drivers

The best driver overall

The Ping G400 Max Driver has a large sweet spot that will keep your off-center strikes more on line.
When you’re looking for the latest technology in a golf driver, you’re usually looking for a Ping driver. Ping has been at the forefront of recent upgrades to drivers, leading the change from a forward center of gravity to a rear center of gravity.

Ping’s new designs have been popular enough that many other driver companies have followed its engineering changes. Ping’s latest driver, the G400 Max, makes use of the rear center of gravity design with just enough engineering tweaks to make this driver a tremendous performer. The sharp-looking Ping G400 will deliver amazing performance for many different levels of golfers.

Today’s Golfer says the G400 Max gives you just a bit more forgiveness in your ball strikes than the G400, which is important for players of any experience level. The Golf WRX review likes the slightly smaller head size of the G400 Max versus other drivers and versus previous Ping drivers, as the smaller size allows for slightly faster clubhead speed.

At the top of the Ping G400 Max’s clubface are small raised areas that help to reduce air friction and give you a little more club speed. Even an improvement as small as this can deliver enough of a bump in club speed to give you several more yards on your drive.

Golf a Lot says the G400 Max continues the tradition of high-quality drivers from Ping, giving you just enough improvement over its predecessors to make the G400 the new king of the hill.

The G400 isn’t cheap. So if you’re happy with your current driver, you may want to stick with it. But if you’re unhappy with your current driver — and honestly, who isn’t a lot of the time? — the Ping G400 Max is an amazing piece of golf technology.

Pros: Delivers the length you want from the driver with a more forgiving face for mishits, includes all of the latest technological updates, comes from a well-respected driver manufacturer

Cons: Drivers are expensive and this is no exception, not hugely different from last Ping driver model

The best golf drivers

Mizuno ST190

Mizuno ST190 Drivers Review

Offering Mizuno’s lowest spin rates, the new ST190 and ST190G drivers feature the Forged SP700 Ti face which have been improved with a lighter Cortech structure to ensure maximum ball speeds. Additionally, an updated Amplified Wave on the sole of the club remains to ensure high ball speeds are produced despite off-centre hits. The ST190G (above right) has Fast Track adjustability in the form of two 7g weights that can be moved forward and back for whatever the player desires in ball flight, spin and shot shape.

The best golf drivers

The best driver for fixing a slice

The Callaway Rogue Draw driver is very effective at reducing the penalty from a slice.
If you’ve never sliced a golf shot … well, you’ve probably never played golf. Few things are as frustrating in the game. Sure, you hate leaving that 4-footer for birdie short, but at least you made two or three great shots to put yourself in that position.

The sliced drive almost always means you’re in huge trouble off the tee, and you’re in for a long, frustrating hole. Callaway’s Rogue Draw driver is good at minimizing the negative effects of a slice.

A slice occurs when the face of the driver doesn’t strike the ball squarely. Instead, the heel of the club face is ahead of the toe, leaving the club “open” and causing the ball to leave the driver’s face with a side spin. For a right-handed golfer, this spin causes the ball to travel violently from left to right as it goes down the fairway, almost certainly leaving you in the rough, trees, or water hazard.

GolfTec says that Callaway increased the moment of inertia (MOI) across a wider section of the driver’s face, giving it a more forgiving ball strike. If you strike the ball off-center with the Rogue Draw, you won’t be penalized as severely as you would be with a less forgiving club face.

The Rogue Draw contains a greater amount of weight in the heel of the club versus the toe, which should slow down the heel and help you square the ball better, according to Golf Magazine.

Today’s Golfer says that although you won’t be able to see the slice-battling technology in the Rogue Draw, the results are clear. Its tests show that you’ll receive seven yards of draw bias versus last year’s Callaway Epic driver, which could mean the difference between being in the rough and being on the edge of the fairway.

The Callaway Rogue Draw driver does exactly what it promises, according to a buyer named Mr. M, making it easier to stay in the fairway off the tee.

There is also a women’s version of the Callaway Rogue Draw driver available for $400.

Pros: Uses extra weight in the heel to encourage a ball strike that’s more square, larger sweet spot on the club face to reduce penalty from mis-hits, looks just like a non-draw-biased driver

Cons: Extremely expensive, won’t fix severe slice problems as well as changing your swing

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The best golf drivers

TaylorMade M6

Much like the M5 above, the M6 also has the new ‘Speed Injected Twist Face’ technology along with the Hammerhead 2.0 slot which is designed to increase the size of the sweet spot and ensure your ball speeds don’t drop even on off-centre hits. Both drivers also have the new matte finish on the crown which we think is an improvement from the M3 and M4 drivers.

The main difference between the two new models is the level of adjustability in which the M6 has very little in comparison to its counterpart. It does have loft adjustability though and an ‘inertia generator’ at the rear, which raises the forgiveness significantly. It is more forgiving than most weight settings of the M5.

The best golf drivers

The best adjustable driver

For golfers who struggle to repeat their swing from round to round, having an adjustable driver like the Wilson Staff C300 can help them dial in the proper club head path based on the way they’re playing that day.
Having an adjustable driver may seem odd to golf purists, but golf clubs that allow you to make slight adjustments to the various parts of the club while you’re on the course are becoming more popular. One of the most interesting adjustable drivers is the Wilson Staff C300 driver.

To start, you can adjust the loft and face angle of the C300 driver by using a twistable cylinder at the hosel of the club (just above the club head). You can change the loft in six different positions between minus-1 and plus-2 degrees with this cylinder.

Additionally, the C300 gives you adjustable weights in the club head. By changing the position of these weights, you can give this Wilson driver a draw bias, a fade bias, or a neutral bias for the ball flight. A draw bias causes the ball to spin slightly to the left, a fade bias spins the ball to the right, and the neutral bias reduces side spin.

You won’t be able to fix significant swing problems by adjusting the position of the weights in the club head, but you will receive slightly different ball paths with changes in the location of these weights.

As Golf Magazine mentions, another interesting design feature is what the manufacturer calls Power Holes, which are filled with urethane and provide a greater flex for the club face at impact, which increases the size of the sweet spot.

The C300 driver has a great looking shape and a rich red color on the top of the club. The C300’s matte finish reduces sun glare, too.

Golfers who have a high swing speed rate will receive the greatest benefit from the Staff C300 driver, according to Golfalot. However, high handicap players with slow swing speeds probably won’t receive much distance benefit from this driver, making it tough to justify its high price point.

Because of the low spin rate this club delivers off the face, golfers will receive extra forgiveness for off-center ball strikes, according to The Hackers Paradise.

With a heavier swing weight than some other Wilson drivers, one buyer named DJ179 says controlling the Staff C300 is an easier process.

Pros: Highly adjustable driver for changing the club face’s loft and weight positioning, red matte finish on the top of the driver reduces glare, slow spin rate delivers forgiveness for off-center ball strikes

Cons: High price point, high handicap players who have slow swing speeds won’t generate extra distance

The best golf drivers

Titleist TS2

The TS2 features many of the same technologies of the TS3, including the Speed Chassis and adjustable hosel. It has been built to offer a little more forgiveness and should fit a wider spectrum of players. The clubface has been made thinner, saving six grams, to provide consistently faster ball speeds from varying strike points. It’s so thin, Titleist couldn’t put scorelines on the face and instead had to laser etch the lines you see and because it’s so close to the limit, Titleist CT test every driver face before it leaves the factory. The TS2 has a larger footprint at address and offers slightly higher spin than the TS3.

The best golf drivers

Honma Tour World TW747 460

As used by current world number one Justin Rose, the new Honma Tour World TW747 driver has a classic shape for all you traditionalists out there. Combine that with the lightweight carbon-rib crown and 4-Fang technology which deploys four metal studs that due to their strategic position, increases strength and energy along the face to deliver faster ball speeds and greater distances.

Additionally it comes with Honma’s ground-breaking Proprietary Adjustability System, which allows golfers to adjust the loft of the club to create their desired shot shape, without rotating the spine of the shaft, which improves ball flight and distance.

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