SOUTHPORT, England – Hey Jordan, about that eagle celebration Sunday on the par-5 15th hole during the final round of The Open.

What was it exactly?

It wasn’t overboard. It wasn’t obnoxious. It was…pointing your finger at your caddie?

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“I told him to pick the ball up out of the hole,” Spieth said. “It was kind of like an old-school move, when the caddies used to get it out of the hole when guys holed a chip.

“When you’re here, the TVs are always playing old Open Championships and especially at that venue. I don’t know, I saw it, and for whatever reason, I didn’t really know what I was doing at that point.

“If I could redo it, I would have done a big fist pump in celebration. I don’t think I enjoyed that eagle as much as I should have. But I looked over at Michael (Greller) and he was in shock too and I just said, ‘Pick that ball up out of the hole.’”

Spieth to Greller after eagle: Get that ball

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