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The Phil Mickelson controversy didn’t go away overnight. A few players shared their opinions Sunday morning on social media.

Who will b the guys that finish behind Phil? Literally losing money to the amazing moving golf ball whacker guy

— Willy Wilcox (@willwilcoxgolf) June 17, 2018

Not sure how UGA thought Phill made a stroke/hit on a moving ball. A stance of some kind must be made to be considered addressing the ball. If it is deemed a player hits/stops a moving ball deliberately to avoid ball being in a worse position then the DQ should be enacted.

— Stuart Appleby (@StuartAppleby) June 17, 2018

Dear @USGA . Can you please explain to me the rule regarding the Phil Mickelson incident at the @usopengolf yesterday. Thank you.

— Lee Westwood (@WestwoodLee) June 17, 2018

Original story:

Phil Mickelson’s controversial actions on the 13th green in the third round of the 118th U.S. Open sent social media ablaze. Here are some reactions from professional golfers, including his third-round playing partner:

To make things very clear. That putt never put me off at all. My brain didn’t work today. Phil is a ledge. It’s a moment that happens. It’s so tough out there. He didn’t mean it. It just happened. End of story haha.

— Andrew 'Beef' Johnston (@BeefGolf) June 16, 2018

So he didn't purposely stop the ball for his benefit?? Ok .. so running after the ball after he saw he was going to run 50 yards off the green was just a veteran move to keep his hamstrings warm.. gotcha

— bowdo (@bowdo83) June 16, 2018

Usga Rule change..
Rule 1-2
Stroke play.

If admitting to completely violating this rule on national tv, it's deemed you are disqualified.

One exception to the rule.
It's your birthday.

— bowdo (@bowdo83) June 16, 2018

Beef, grinning, on Phil: “A moment of madness.”

— Alan Bastable (@alan_bastable) June 16, 2018

Che brutto esempio si dà a non squalificare Phil Mickelson dopo quello che è successo alla 13…il golf è diverso da altri sport e secondo me andava squalificato! #usopen

— Edoardo Molinari (@DodoMolinari) June 16, 2018

Phil is the only one who could give that bs answer and have a ton of people believe he thought it out before. Secondly, if he had thought through it, isn’t that grounds for dq?

— Tag Ridings (@TaggsGolf) June 16, 2018

Agree with this Serious cop out from the USGA. https://t.co/HEAKwK5IZz

— Eddie Pepperell (@PepperellEddie) June 16, 2018

I laugh at how outraged Twitter is getting with Phil and his penalty. Get over it people.

— Parker McLachlin (@ParkerMcLachlin) June 16, 2018

Does this not show intent? Am I high(I am not)? In what universe is this not an admittance of gaining a significant advantage by stopping the ball from possibly (likely) rolling off the green, resulting in a potentially higher score? I’m honestly asking. https://t.co/5e8mGRukWj

— Christina Kim (@TheChristinaKim) June 16, 2018

Social media firestorm to Mickelson controversy

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