AUGUSTA, Ga. – Sergio Garcia got married in the Masters green jacket he won last year.

He rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange wearing it.

He sat in the stands at Wimbledon wearing it.

“If I told you everywhere I took it, I would probably miss my tee time on Thursday,” Garcia said.

He loved his year outside Augusta National with the green jacket, except for a moment of panic less than 24 hours after he left the property with it.

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Whisked away to New York to do the TV morning show circuit, Garcia thought he ruined the jacket. After taking photos with TV stage crew workers who wanted to pose with him, he glanced down at his right jacket sleeve.

“There are two big grease stains on it,” Garcia said. “I’m thinking, ‘My God, I’ve had the jacket for a day and a half and I already have two massive stains on it. What am I going to do?’

“That was nerve-wracking.”

Garcia said he couldn’t get the stain out, but a dry cleaner saved the day.

Per Augusta National rules, Garcia’s jacket must go back to the club now, only to be worn when he returns to the property. However, if he wins again, he can take it home for another year.

“It was fun to have it for a year, so I would like to extend that if possible,” he said.

Garcia is adding an accessory to his clothing during play at this year’s Masters. He’s wearing a green ribbon pinned to his hat. He said it’s to honor the memory of Augusta National member Rob Chapman, who died last year. Garcia met him when he first played the Masters as an amateur, and they became friends.

“I’m so glad that I got to win last year, and not this year, because he was able to see it,” Garcia said. “I remember the hug we had, just as we finished at the 18th hole, just before the prize giving. It was very special. I know that he wanted me to win, many people wanted me to win, but he wanted me to win so badly, and, fortunately, at least he got to see that. So, I hope he’s enjoying it up there.”

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