The LPGA announced Tuesday that its Alisports tournament in Shanghai is being canceled less than a month from its scheduled start.

LPGA commissioner Mike Whan said problems securing local permitting for the Oct. 5-8 event caused the event’s removal from the LPGA schedule.

“Unfortunately, we have just received word that the tournament was unsuccessful in obtaining approval from the local district government,” Whan said in a statement. “The hardest part about this news is that we have a title sponsor, a tournament operator, a TV production group and a host venue all set to go. However, in China, sporting events of this nature cannot take place without approvals at multiple levels, and the local approval was denied.”

The LPGA’s schedule will now feature 33 tournaments, with eight events left this season. In-Kyung Kim won this tournament last year, when it was played at the Reignwood Classic.

“This news is very disappointing, particularly in that it comes less than a month before the event was scheduled to take place,” Whan said. “But given the strong sponsorship and desire to host the LPGA, we look forward to returning in 2018.”

It’s not the first time the LPGA had to cancel an event in China. Two years ago, the Reignwood Pine Valley Classic in Beijing was canceled 10 weeks ahead of the event. In 2011, plans for an event in Guangzhou were scrapped.

LPGA event in China canceled after permit issues

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