How To Dress For Golf – There’s no need to be intimidated by golf course dress codes. Our beginner’s video series shows you everything you need to know.

We’ve come a long way from the times when formal clothes like coats and ties were required on the course. The rules for what you can wear to play are less strict than they used to be, but you still want the appropriate mix of fashion and functionality. Plus, you’ll never go wrong if you’re the best-dressed person in your group!

How To Dress For Golf

How To Dress For Golf

How To Dress For Golf

What You Need To Know “How To Dress For Golf” :

• Collared shirts and tailored shorts or pants are the norm for men. • Women can wear skorts, shorts and pants.
• Golf shoes are great, but if you don’t have them sneakers work just fine—as long as the course isn’t wet.
• If you aren’t sure about what to wear, call the course ahead of time and ask. They’re more than happy to give some guidance.



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