NEW YORK – Power and cell phone service remain out and on Tuesday the governor of Puerto Rico warned of a humanitarian crisis following the devastation of Hurricane Maria last week.

The images are hard for Chi Chi Rodriguez, the island’s greatest golfer and a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, to watch, but he knows one thing about Puerto Rico.

“We Puerto Ricans are survivors,” he said on Tuesday in New York where he was planning to attend the 2017 Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Rodriguez now lives in West Palm Beach, Fla., and wasn’t in Puerto Rico for the storm, but he said he still has family, including his brother and sister, who live in Puerto Rico.

There have been concerns over the lack of aid flowing to Puerto Rico and Rodriguez said it’s a real concern.

“If they can send water and generators. The money sometimes disappears,” he said. “What I would like for people to know, in all the wars the United States has had, Puerto Ricans have volunteered more than any state per capita. We’re good Americans and we deserve better than what we are getting right now. There’s nothing happening. I hope Mr. Trump understands that.”

Rodriguez has a house in Puerto Rico but said he’s unsure if it was damaged because his neighborhood remains closed following last week’s storm.

“We were so poor when we were kids, we can go back to being poor again and be OK,” Rodriguez said. “Man can endure things, it all depends on your upbringing. When you’re born poor it’s a blessing.”

Chi Chi on Puerto Rico aid: 'We deserve better'

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